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DIdentity & DApps

Distributed Identity & Distributed Applications

The DIdentity & DApps project addresses some of the most pressing questions in the area of decentralized systems and (self-sovereign) identity.

In doing so, the project aims to lay the scientific foundation for novel applications that are decentralized on all layers of their architecture and can utilize decentralized (yet DLT/blockchain-agnostic), multi-layered identity infrastructures to establish trust in digital interactions without requiring central authorities. Such “dApps” could give individuals full control over data, enhance security and privacy, prevent abuse and fraud (e.g. spam, Identity theft, Sybil attacks) and introduce entirely new capabilities or functionalities (e.g. in the area of contact discovery or trust establishment).

Overall, the project will significantly contribute to the development of decentralized systems and provide a basis that will enable novel decentralized applications, including a specific dApp in the area of communication / messaging.

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This project is funded by the FFG.

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