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Cyber Threat Intelligence - Qualifizierungsnetzwerk

With the rapid digital transformation and a massive increase in cyber attacks, it is essential for companies to be proactive in addressing cyber threats. European regulations such as NIS2 and the Cyber Resilience Act underline the importance of taking appropriate measures.

Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) plays a crucial role in providing organizations with the necessary information and improving their ability to respond.

However, skills shortages and training gaps hinder the implementation of effective cybersecurity measures.

In-depth and practical Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) training is crucial to equipping security teams with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively identify and respond to potential threats. This qualification network includes learning techniques for collecting data from open sources, analyzing this data to identify relevant threat indicators, developing strategies to mitigate these threats and measures to automate workflows (SOAR).

By participating in the CTI training courses, which consist of six technically sound and practice-oriented modules, employees in security positions will not only be able to improve the security situation of their organizations but will also help to ensure that their organizations meet the latest legal and regulatory requirements. The focus on open source will help to maintain digital sovereignty in this critical area. The aim is to develop a comprehensive understanding of the threat landscape and significantly increase resilience to cyber attacks through targeted and practice-oriented training. The transfer of CTI know-how also gives companies the impetus to increase their research, development and innovation skills.


  • Strengthening cyber security in Austria by qualifying employees in the field of CTI.
  • Preparing companies for future requirements through EU-wide regulations such as NIS2 and CRA.
  • Transferring know-how from research and key technologies in the field of CTI to employees in order to drive innovations in the form of new services and products.
  • Transferring practical knowledge on the use of CTI open source solutions to companies in order to promote cost-effective CTI solutions and, at the same time, strengthening technology sovereignty in Europe.
  • Promoting networking and communication between companies on the subject of CTI and with important stakeholders at national and international level.

Role and task for SBA Research:
SBA Research takes over the project management, develops the concepts for CTI training and designs and tests the technical solution to ultimately train the partners in the project.

Scientific Partners:
Universität Innsbruck

Company Partners:
Cert.at GmbH
Cyan Security Group
EDV-Design Informationstechnologie GmbH
GEKKO it-solutions GmbH